Pointy Witch Hats & Black Cats Part 1 of 2

…. A Wiccan Samhain Part 1 of 2

Important Details

Getting to know your Wiccan or Witch

Witch Hats


Pointy Witches Hats

Earliest seen wearing of the Pointy Hats, now associated with powerful women was…

“But weirdly, one of the earliest incarnations of the conical headpiece is also one of the most familiar: Three female mummies uncovered in the Chinese region of Subeshi[PDF]—known as the “witches of Subeshi”—are famous for covering their hair with large funnel-shaped contraptions of black felt. They look like aunts in a fourth century B.C. outtake from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Katy Waldman from her blog  https://tinyurl.com/lzrljn3


A bit further along that the Mummies are the other two iterations of what is today typically worn by the modern Witch hat.


First is the hennin.  The Hennin is where we see the great skyward reaching point of the classic witch hat derives.  A Hennin designated the person as being of noble countenance.


The second chapeaux from this era of European fashion and culture was the Phrygian cap.    This particular head covering had a specific meaning for the wearer.  A person wearing a Phrygian cap represents liberty, sometimes noted as a liberty cap, “in artistic representations it signifies freedom and the pursuit of liberty.”

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Cone of Power

Visual Representation of a Cone of Power

“Of course, most modern people who identify as witches don’t actually wear the stereotypical witch’s hat. (They don’t have to pull on flowing garments either, although certain rituals are associated with color-coded robes.) Still, the peaked cap holds special significance for some Wiccans, who see it as a visual representation of the Cone of Power they draw on for their spells.”

Katy Waldman from her blog  https://tinyurl.com/lzrljn3


Bonfires are built to enhance airflow for even and safe burn; the optimal shape is a conical.

A bonfire can be seen to contain three of the traditional elements which Wiccans fundamentally use to direct power.  The fourth is ever-present as a guardian at the base of this luminous con of power.

Three is a number that is akin to the Divine Feminine (the power seen as creation.)

Most of the witches hats are worn by women or girls.

The witch hat, this tool taps into the divine femine power.

Art of Witches, Real Witches , and Film Portrayals of Witches

It is my theory that the witch hat embodies an idea drawn from it’s herstory. The Witch’s Hat represents the ennoblement of women as manifest liberty, thus creating the cone of power

88528bc11a2918f7d7aac509c0c55954A Witches  Hat Maze for you

The triple elements present in the luminous Cone of Power

Earth (the Wood),  Air / Oxygen (that empowers the fire to burn), and Fire (the energetic manifestation of the luminous Cone of Power


The Cone of Power appears regularly in the form of the bonfires that are consecrated and blesses to enhance the positive magic or rather energy of the ritual. Generally the weather has turned cool on Samhain (last of October) so warmth is also a concern.


Familiars and Animal Companions


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Black Cats

Black Cats and Witches

Black Cats and Witches are a a dynamic part of the portrayal of a Witch, or rather a Wiccan.  Many who follow Wicca find or are found by an animal companion or rather a familiar.  Those companions will spontaneously manifest a bond or connection.  Now that said, not all black cats are familiars.

Not all familiars are cats.  I know of a few other species of familiars, a boa constrictor, a miniature goat, a pit bull, a shar pei,  a  dachshund, a parakeet, an iguana, a horse, and a rabbit.  Not every Wiccan has a familiar.

Finding or being found by a familiar has to occur as is naturally.  Animal companions are generally loving pets

I have been calling Wiccans witches. Not all witches are practitioners of the Wicca.   Only some Wiccans claim to be Witch.  Manners maketh Man, thus I ask you to be polite make inquires into how to address your local Wiccan or witch and what they feel the difference is to them.



A Wiccan Memorial Day Honoring Fallen Pagan Soldiers

 Soldiers who will later be honored at Samhain to honor those who have gone before to The Summerland.


Not all Witches choose to wear a Witch hats


Yes, I know I went on a tangent.

to be continued…