Blessings from the World Tree – Wiccaning of two youths

wet red squirrel patio

Stephanie  quizzically inquiring me.

Will you perform a Wiccaning for my two  children Rosie, age 2 and Bear age 13?

Yes. I will bless and honor their purpose here on Earth, and dedicate them to the Lord and the Lady and announce before all that they shall be known in all deeds and rites as Rosie and Bear.

Yes, I will Wiccan your children.


I shall call to the universe to have their divine promise recognized and bless them.


And I shall present them to the Lord and Lady.

I am deeply honored that you asked me to Wiccan your children.

Acorn Thrower


Family Came to Visit

There was no writing last week because I was running around gathering nuts

in preparation for a family gathering and whirl wind mom and dad visit.


I always feel like I need to be doing a lot of things in preparation for parents to come.

Then they show up and is all happy.

312274_3c18aeb795ca2acb6903c4dc7589c33a_large (1)

It has been a nutty fun week so far.

I love you mom and dad,

Acorn Thrower