Squirrels in Pumpkins and Holiday Tales


September flew by… I may have missed a couple of weekly posts, apologies.

Now we are in my very Favorite month, October.

To honor all of the various traditional celebrations of Spirit,



Brown squirrel on Pumpkinwhat-to-do-with-pumpkins-after-halloween-2il_570xN.395535489_nh0b

and Bone;



I will post blogs on the various way many different cultures, faiths, and traditions celebrate. There may be more than one a week

What I will cover for the celebrations of Spirit, Gourd and Bone:

  • Samhain in the Wiccan Tradition


  • Samhain in the Druidic Tradition


  • Halloween


  • All Saints Day


  • Dios Del las Muertos



Burning Squirrel


First, many chitters and thanks to it looks like Nivel for the flaming squirrel image.

Today was a double on fire day. Acorn Thrower broke down in to more manageable writing

segments from the  eleven page outline. Acorn thrower is yet to complete the process of

breaking out the out line in to easy to work with in a tablet length writing documents.

This squirrel did manage to add another fifteen pages of break out segments to be written

upon in the near future.  Acorn Thrower managed  to write most of three pages this

evening; mostly on the topic of the Sacred Fire. The other 3/4 page was on the sensation

of what it feels like to find the faith in which you feel at home.

Chittering On,

Acorn Thrower

25 Acorns Dropped




I have in the acorn netting approximate page estimate now of 25 raw nut (pages).

I can see their polished potential!

The topic areas that I worked on were what Druids eat and Guide to the Path of the Wise.

(a.k.a. How to be the best Druid you can be summation)

I also worked on how the universe sees fit to teach us through events.

Thus granting a Druid acorns of transformative learning.

Squirrel With Big Ears and Bigger Idea

Big Ear Squirrel 2-1-2013 5-39-57 PM

I take Tuesdays and any other day I can manage and write at my local Starbucks where my author friend and husband wrote his book.

THis Tuesday I overheard the nuttiest thing. Throwing out nuts (perfectly good food)!

This was supposedly because no one was going to buy them before the  “nuts” went past their expiration date!

So this Acorn Thrower had the wacky idea since she had internet access to perform a quick research “roll”  and  find

a source for Food Recovery.

Practicing what I “chitter/preach” I dug up an acorn of wisdom and shared it with the shift manager at Starbucks.

I further requested the shift manager run the acorn of wisdom up the line for planting at the highest level so that the tree may grow nation wide

and feed many nuts to the many hungry squirrels out in the World Tree.


To help lend a paw in the  digging up of valuable acorns of wisdom  on food recovery go here: http://www.wastedfood.com/food-rescue/

And Here: http://www.foodrecoverynetwork.org/

Yes, I will be publishing these Acorns of Wisdom in my “Druid basics book”!

Nutty Day, A Good Day to be a Squirrel.

Nut JOB on Fire 2-18-2013 10-05-51 PM

Today is a post in two parts.

Part One: witness how I feel “carrying around” the present biggest Nut (case) in my life. My local student, Crystal.

Note the bugging of the eyes as if to say look what I found, no what shall I do with it? Eat it? Bury it? Break it open and see what’s inside?

Maybe I bit off more than I can chew. Naaaaw! I can see enlightenment right round the bend if I can crack this nut!

Part Two: Another great page inspired by said nutty determination toward patience which caused hyper focus.

More on the expansion on of how to live lightly, a warning for the  book, and  an additional dedication to John Denver.

I must write on my grand learning from today from the Nut(case).


Meant, in total disregard and silly fun and in honor of the energies and people you have swirling around you, Crystal.

I should probably bury this nut and see if it will grow. What do you think Crystal?

Acorn Thrown,

Acorn Thrower

Running Toward the Sweet Nut


Tonight I wrote another page. Toward the end of the evening of writing Nut Thrower got into racing mode!

The stream of consciousness of snippets written will yield many pages of book.

Nut Thrower tackled some of the more esoteric parts of druidic beliefs at the top of the evening.

Quiet a few complex turns of phrase. My readers are going to need a dictionary!

Till the the Next Nut Drops,

Acorn Thrower


Nut Thrower Tosses Out Another Page


Today’s Acorn of Wisdom is dedicated to Stephen Reed who died on 2/17/13.

Stephen inspired some excellent writing on  the Druidic perspective on death

As well as how to function as it occurs around us.

A single page of discussion on how to approach death in your life.

How to view a important death.

How to interact with yourself around healing from a significant death in your life.

Acorn Thrower