Philosopher squirrel #2

70897142adff15392b62f1f42f1ba998“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you cannot get them across, your ideas will not get you anywhere.”

— Lee Iacocca: Businessman, author, former CEO of Chrysler Corporation


Burning Squirrel


First, many chitters and thanks to it looks like Nivel for the flaming squirrel image.

Today was a double on fire day. Acorn Thrower broke down in to more manageable writing

segments from the  eleven page outline. Acorn thrower is yet to complete the process of

breaking out the out line in to easy to work with in a tablet length writing documents.

This squirrel did manage to add another fifteen pages of break out segments to be written

upon in the near future.  Acorn Thrower managed  to write most of three pages this

evening; mostly on the topic of the Sacred Fire. The other 3/4 page was on the sensation

of what it feels like to find the faith in which you feel at home.

Chittering On,

Acorn Thrower



HELLO my Nutty Squirelly followers,

Acorn Thrower needs some help adding a donate link

for the Throwing Down Acorns Blog.

The post from 4/2/13 was late because Acorn Thrower

was headed out from the big tree  to a secret squirrel get away.

This was  for her 14th anniversary.

On the way out-of-town Acorn Thrower

got cut off … blind spot… my fault, everyone fine in Nut up/fender tag of


Acorn Thrower has Acorn Mobile back after much nut polishing(and a $500 deductible)

This was clearly an unplanned expense.

Please post on the blog to contact me for help or if you know me personally please call.

Chitter on my Squirrels, Chitter on,

Acorn Thrower

Why Throw Nuts at a Man Living in The Wild?


Eustace Conway

Please visit and ‘like’ the Turtle Island Preserve page and watch this video to learn more:

Turtle Island Preserve is a place you can go to learn about nature, wildlife, growing food, and primitive life skills. Eustace Conway is known as the Last American Man (book:, and for good reason. He’s a national treasure. Government bureaucrats have decided to come after him because his primitive shelters — wait for it — don’t adhere to modern building codes.

If you would like to help Eustace Conway defend his property rights, please join this Facebook group:

You can make phone calls to express your support for Eustace Conway. Here’s a list of Watauga County Commissioners phone numbers. Let’s call them and let them know we stand behind Eustace Conway against government aggression. Please be cordial 🙂

David Blust
(H) 828-963-6440

John Welch
(H) 828-262-3768

Billy Kennedy
(H) 828-297-4123

Oh and here is Andrew Blethen, Appalachian District Health Department Director’s home number 🙂

(H) 828-264-6635
231 Holly Hill Dr
Sparta, NC 28675
(336) 372-4556
Cell 336-200-0111 — with Eustace Conway

 I could use a squirrelly Rant for this great man!
Be a Squirrel Crusader for Humanity!
Please Throw Your Nut of Support by calling any
and all of the above people in charge!
Tell the politicians to nut off,
Acorn Thrower

My Favorite Squirrelly Perspective

Wisdom of THE FOAMY on the most important ISSUE of Today

Foamy on Gay Marriage and Religion (RATED R for language)


Thanks Johnathan for all your squirrelly rants!



Cats and squirrels should not generally mix,

but these two are on the same page.

I love the image (origin unknown, Thanks to the artist!)


Another brilliant image.

Rant on my Squirrelly Inspirator; Rant ON!,

Acorn Thrower

Squirrely on the Phone

curious_squirrel_galaxy_phone_case-r07a0c8a2361640eb84f5d5efbc0c37f7_80cuj_8byvr_216Hey Call Me about Acorns 3-27-2013 1-18-53 AM 934x624
Thanks to Kim who drew the squirrel cartoon. I attempted to crop the text off of the image with Picasa 3. The cartoon is unalterable.
Hey “Mr. Squirrelly reliability” or rather “I will call you back tomorrow and did not” to assist with getting the word out on your blog.
You never called.  I was seriously interested in what you had to say.
At that moment I was  just crazy busy with family in town.
I would really prefer to do business with someone more genuine and reliable.
However  you are the only one who Nutted up and found my phone number and called me to speak with me; as opposed to just leaving messages on my blog.
A fat bag full of acorns could have been your reward  (stored up for next winter!)
You have 24 hours from the time of this post to contact me and then I am done with your squirrellyness.

Call me back on this Thursday 3.28.13 or leave your information on Throwing Down Acorns Blog Messages on 3.28.3 in response to Squirrely on the Phone post.
Please post with a comment title” I called you and you  had your tail on fire.”
I will call you back this Thursday or Friday.