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Yes, I have decided that posting a review of five videos from the 25 Feminist Anthems is too much for me to manage in on evening and have any chance of getting proper sleep.  Thus, the next post on this topic will include three artists.




The readership of this blog has also precipitously declined over the years.  I need to post more often with more intriguing topics.  My new goal is to get the readership of my blog up; start getting feedback, and see about releasing books,


Squirrelly Goodness

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I really like these sewn sugar skulls.


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The Faith of Ages… as old as a Great Oaks probably older…definitely older

A Druid Samhain…. About My the symbol of my faith and my favorite holy days. Part 1 of 2

Though not all druids are from the same branch of the oak tree. I will talk about the other druids of different branches our faith, in a later blog post in an effort to “get er dun’ “as it were.  Druids as a people of faith tend to have more group participation and much more focus on maintaining heritage of their faith.  There are under 10 branches of Druidry or Druid faith branches globally to my knowledge, but in the interest of brevity and getting on with the focus topic I will cover the symbol of my faith, how Druids honor Samhain, and what it means to us.



This is my tree spirit peeking out at you.

I love squirrels. They are forest tenders.



I will quickly do my best to speak quickly to the one symbol of my faith.  I will have to continue writing on Tuesday next week and post on Wednesday morn.



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Ancient Triskelions from the Celts of Gallia




Modern Triskelion



The Triskelion as a 5 pound in circulation 2017 coin of the realm





Triskelion on a water wheel on the Isle of Skye



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Triskelion on Churches across Great Britain.

Most of these churches were erected on sites holy to the Druids

The Triskelion was easy to adopt into the Christian faith to represent the Trinity, thus subsuming the locals religion and converting the Celts to a new faith.


My symbol, the druidic symbol has two names the Triskelion and Triquetra. Triskelion means “three-legged” A being with three legs always must be in motion, in action. This is the founding concept of my faith, as it is the faith of the Natural world. The natural world is always in motion. Always dying, seeding, growing, birthing, blooming, striving, flying, germinating, thriving, harvesting, seeding, and dying again and again, and again…. eternally turning the cycle of life or you may know the Latin phrase ad infinitum or in Gaulish it would be said infinitamente. All life begins and ends with death. Death is what fuels the next cycle, it provides fecundity of the materials that nourish the Earth.



Triquetra – the Trinity Knot

“Also known as The Trinity Knot. Like all Celtic knots the triquetra is constructed of one continuous line interweaving around itself symbolising no beginning or end, an eternal spiritual life.

The Celts favoured the idea that everything important in the world came in threes; three stages of life, three elements, three domains; earth, sea and sky, past, present and future. The triquetra is sometimes drawn weaving around a circle, symbolising the unity of the three parts.”

From Ireland Calling


Though I was taught the three domains are Land, Sea, and Sky.  I am unsure as to the awareness of the ancien Celtic people’s perception of Earth rather than Land, even though Druids were noted astronomers.


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The Public Face of the Triquetra


The Triquetra has been used in the media to portray Witches as Good, though it has nothing to do with Wicca or Witchcraft.

The Triquetra were used instead of a Pentacle, because the Pentacle is associated with the devil and evil.  The Witches in the Charmed series were good characters who did Hollywood magic.




 The Charmed Book of Shadows

(A tome that Witches and Wiccans keep the records of their spell research, spells, and rituals)



Symbols that regularly get mistaken for Triquetra or Triskelion


 A Tribal Valknut not to be confused with a Triskelion


Traditional Germanic Valknut, A symbol of the Asatru Belief



A Migi Mitsudomoe sp?

A Shinto “Fire Wheel”, another symbol that gets mistaken for a Triskelion.

This is a Shinto symbol of good fortune


A Druid symbol of good fortune



The end of Part 1 of 2







Pointy Witch Hats & Black Cats Part 2 of 2

A Wiccan Samhain Part 2 of 2


A wee bit o Wiccan Law or rather Rede, just so you know that Wicca, Wicce, or Witches as they choose to assign themselves.

WDONA231-Fall Witch's Hat w.squirrels

Just a bit of Squirrelin’ Around the Wich’s Hat to lighten the mood


And now the Rede en toto…



Now on to How The Wiccans Celebrate Samhain

They set up your Samhain Altar…

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Basic Element Info

Masculine, projective element connected to rational thought, the mind, intellect, wisdom, communication, etc.
Corresponding to the North, the winter season, middle of the night.
Feminine, receptive, connected to stability, practicality, materialism, the physical world, etc.
Corresponding to the East, to the spring season, to sunrise time,
Masculine, projective, connected to the will, passion, creativity, etc.
Corresponding to the South, to the summer season, to midday (noon).
Feminine, receptive, connected to the emotions, intuition, mysterious, the subconscious, etc.
Corresponding to the West, to the fall season, to twilight time.


Samhain is both last and first.


Samhain is the ending and the beginning.


A Wiccan Ritual has a standard format for group rites.

  • A Circle is cast and elements called, the circle is sealed.
  • A Processional  – The Summoner of the rite sends out their page  to gather the coverners to ritual.  The Summoner rings a bell thrice to call the coven to the rite. The page sees to the coveners they are  asked to ground, center while focusing on the rite ahead. They then get ritually cleansed, generally smudging.  Next they are lead to the head of the path to the rite.
  • A door is cut to allow entry to the circle.  The covener enters and is greeted in turn by the priestess and then the priest (the order of who greets first is dependant upon the rite).  The door to the circle is sealed.
  • The Priest and Priestess lead a song, hymn, or chant and dance It is sung to honor the deity (ies) The dancing and singing may include instruments such as drums, tambourines, and finger cymbal. The song and movement build the energy to be utilized for the forthcoming magic work.  The dance always goes always desoil round the circle.
  • The Priest speaks about the shifting of the time and light
  • The Priestess speaks about the thinning of the veil and invites the ancestors and loved ones
  • Then an enactment of the Samhain rite occurs , honoring one of these energies or a few of these concepts: the final harvest, or death of the God, return of the dead to briefly rejoice, the creation of the world, with  chaos transformed to order,  or culling the weak animals that will not make it through the winter (this is the time of year to rid one’s self of weakness).  Enactment will take the form of a play, mime or dance.  At the end of the enactment a bell is rung seven times and
  • Then a convener speaks on how Samhain is perceived.
  • The Priest and Priestess respond
  • The coven reply
  • The Priest and Priestess respond
  • The coven reply
  • The Priest and Priestess respond
  • The coven reply
  • The Priest and Priestess respond
  • The coven reply
  • The Priest and Priestess lead a  dance around the circle
  • The Priestess takes up the symbol of the God and a sacred mystery of sacrifice is made going back and forth between Priestess and Priest. Covener stands by to light the cauldron.  The Coveners circle round to place an offering on or near the altar. They may kiss the Priest  and move back to their places, always moving desoil, as they pass the burning cauldron they may toss in their paper containing their weakness. The Priest contemplates, then removes the symbol of the God and dismisses the God.
  • The bell is rung nine times
  • Then follows the Ceremony of Cakes and Ale..
  • The circle is dismissed.
  • The feast (to ground out the energy of the rite ) occurs followed by  games and fun.
mostly researched  from Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft


According to Scott Cunningham’s Living Wicca… Samhain symbolizes The end of Summer and the dead are honored.  Scrying by flame or mirror is recommended, leave offerings for the departed. Colors are orange and black.



Online the consensus is that a Wiccan Samhain is one or two days around the 31st of October and the 1st of November.  Or takes place around the first full Moon of October, generally called the Harvest Moon. This year (2017) Samhain would have been at the top of the month if celebrated around the Full Moon.  The energy felt like Samhain to me.  This was the most intensely I have felt Samhain energy in quiet some time.

Here are two Wiccan Samhain rituals.

Take a few moments to watch and learn about Samhain by watching rites.

   A Wiccan Samhain Ritual

about 32 minutes

Cauldron Chat – 2015 Samhain Ritual

about 11 minutes




Squirrels in Pumpkins and Holiday Tales


September flew by… I may have missed a couple of weekly posts, apologies.

Now we are in my very Favorite month, October.

To honor all of the various traditional celebrations of Spirit,



Brown squirrel on Pumpkinwhat-to-do-with-pumpkins-after-halloween-2il_570xN.395535489_nh0b

and Bone;



I will post blogs on the various way many different cultures, faiths, and traditions celebrate. There may be more than one a week

What I will cover for the celebrations of Spirit, Gourd and Bone:

  • Samhain in the Wiccan Tradition


  • Samhain in the Druidic Tradition


  • Halloween


  • All Saints Day


  • Dios Del las Muertos


Another Bit of Weather & POP Gets the Thanks… Personal updates and late posts

Squirrelecain named Erma

Thanks to Sponge bob Square pants for the image.


Another bit of Weather Irma is headed to Cuba, Florida, Puerto Rico. Please take a moment to send these folks our thoughts, prayers (if that is your thing) and well wishes.



Thanks Zen Folio for the great image!


Irma is presently Cat 5. It seems to have stabilized at the top most Hurricane category.

Hopefully we do not go into science fiction Category 6 or GODS forbid worse that are beyond our present scale.

There is some variability of Irma’s Path, so Houston and the Gulf Coast may be hunkering down and going up our trees to hold on again for the next big wind and rain. The wind is what concerns this squirrel, as the ground is already mush and a strong wind could easily take down the whole forest of Trees, which could fall.




Prince of Peace Roman Catholic Church started  receiving donations just as Harvey was heading out on Late Monday. Without a whisper from the Holy See this group of Parishioners and those who lived around the church stacked the walls of the church to the ceiling. Donations of relief supplies were coming in faster than they could be sorted.

Thank you squirrels that Pray together!



Footnote: Acorn Thrower skipped a week of posting due to her Squirrel-mate having a Salsa Dancing Heart (Arrhythmia), on the normal writing day. It took three days to get my mates Blood pressure under control and out of the trees in height.(systolic and diastolic) on Thursday my mate Patrick’s heart got back to the standard 4/4 rhythm.

There was much stress to me Acorn Thrower and doctor recommended staying at home to work which occurred.  Patrick was working from home for about two weeks when Harvey blew in and had  him further his time working from home, as much as one can during a hurricane. Patrick was so anxious to go into work he went in to the office the Friday prior to Labor Day.