So, Friday July 8th;my husband and I were both having a particularly CRap Day. Which was initially made better by dinner and socialization out with my parents.

When one of those rare CRap Day;days happens that I get so beside myself I clean and organize. I sorted 2 boxes of the last 4 boxes from when we moved in 11 years ago. I found a treasure I thought I had lost. HAT PRIME or rather My favorite denim hat with a pocket on top. YES, HUGE SCORE!

I had always been told that an act of clearing brings the possibility of space for the possibility of revelation.

The revelation provided by the act of clearing those two nearly forgotten boxes was FOCUS.

When I asked the ONENESS what was I missing that can solve the challenge at hand and in my past. The one word I received was FOCUS.

More on Focus over the next few days and weeks.


With FOCUS in Mind I hereby state my FOCUSED intent to post Monday and Wednesday from this day July 11th (A really good day according to my grandpa…on the day of my waking to my walkabout in the world.)

Brightest FOCUS and Blessings, Acorn Thrower

Note: I found this post had not auto posted as per the Word Press auto post function. I have since found that posting twice a week is beyond my present abilities to work, and other important details. I will work to post twice a month Monday mornings. The Goal is to get up to weekly Monday mornings, once I can get Word Press to auto post as set up.

Blessings of the Great Acorn – Handfasting on the Horizon



Crystal, my student of eight months has found the one.

The place she will go to build a nest and weather storms, the love of her life.

I saw her finding the fella she would eventually life hand fast/ marry this month.  Right on schedule.

Jeremy is already talking marriage.


squirrel on stump

Crystal is a huge believer in divination and foresight.

She has been making inquires into what I foretold for quiet some time.

Thus, we have been scouting out the location of her Handfasting.

Soon I will perform a year and a day handfasting for their engagement.


Crystal has asked me to perform her legal handfasting too.

The legal rite will be a soul bond handfasting.


Congratulations Crystal!

Rolling an Acorn up Hill


I have not gotten out to roll my acorn around in quiet some time.

Thursday evening the Penguin and the Acorn Thrower went to the usual Star of Caffeine Tree to write.

I was so antsy to write that I began pushing the acorn up the hill of getting back into writing about the Singing Tree that the Penguin went to get petrol at the  gas mart.

I chittered on over a number of the topic I had written, upon when last The tree sang to me. I added a few new paragraphs and clarified some old songs.

I am happy to be hearing the Singing of the Tree again.

Many blessings from the acorn provider,

Acorn Thrower

Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away…


It was suggested that I not mention my glaring absence in posting by my husband.

Well that is nice and thank you for the recommendation my love.

However,  I have a need to weave a epic furry tail of why I have been not been squirrely these past while.

I have a furry tailed Idea.  ….

So, this has been how my life has been going  that has been keeping me from writing  on my book The Singing Tree and posting on Throwing Down Acorns.

The feeling is easily described by the most awesomely in the art of Tyler a deviant artist this shows my husband and i fighting off Nazis together he is the Wookie I am the squirrel.


My friends and allies have had my back fighting the good fight.

I even found a heart sister that I did not know had gone missing in the stream of life. Her name is Jonnie.

She gives me hope for all Christians everywhere walking the path of Christ and his love, but that is for another squirrel time news post.


Thanks to Frank Page who provided this drawing.

Yes, I have had many a day where all I wanted to do was put on a storm trooper helmet and hide my head.

I was trying to eat in peace when...

I had a lot of days when I felt like I was under assault while eating meals.

So, I put my phone on silent running. i.e. vibrate and mute to avoid my texting Fett.

Thus, I apologize  to all of the people from whom I missed telephone calls,

as I had my phone on vibrate and that did not always vibrate .


Some of my days and a  rare week felt like I was struggling against the dark forces.


So, I have had some vehicular issues.


I got a loaner while the millennium falcon was getting refitted.

Yeah, my loaner felt like a Tauntuan.

Not a vehicle which can make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

[] squirrel, star wars, parody 161660

I had to make a stop over in the nearest star port to work on the hyper drive in the my scootmileniumfalcon,

so we can get her back up to top shape so she can continue making regular Kessel runs.

That was quiet a few credits to the Empire.


In between all of my squirrelly adventures I taught other people how to use the Force, accessed through Qi Gong.


Through lunch and dinner the Ewok continued to poke my phone.

Continued apologies for any additional missed calls.


Other things tried to storm the Rebel Alliance but were captured and detained.


Fet is working on trading her vehicle in for a better model, though she has been meeting resistance of her own making.


I used the squirrelly  force to help the Empire see clear to  help her acquire a  transport.

cool star wars photos at at troopers in the wild_thumb[4]


I and my fellow Jedi have trumped over the evils of the Empire.


I finally managed to have lunch and a weekend in squirrelly peace.

Chewbacca and I had a grand old time Labor Day weekend.

Most Squirrel Star Wars toy images are photographed and Photo-shopped by Bob on Thanks Bob!

May the Acorn be with you,

Acorn Thrower

Burning Squirrel


First, many chitters and thanks to it looks like Nivel for the flaming squirrel image.

Today was a double on fire day. Acorn Thrower broke down in to more manageable writing

segments from the  eleven page outline. Acorn thrower is yet to complete the process of

breaking out the out line in to easy to work with in a tablet length writing documents.

This squirrel did manage to add another fifteen pages of break out segments to be written

upon in the near future.  Acorn Thrower managed  to write most of three pages this

evening; mostly on the topic of the Sacred Fire. The other 3/4 page was on the sensation

of what it feels like to find the faith in which you feel at home.

Chittering On,

Acorn Thrower

Pandora Aiding in Nut Harvesting


I adore Pandora! if you love music.

Choose a genre or artist or album, not a specific song as you will

never hear that song if you have your starting point as song X.

squirrel tunes 3-28-2013 12-24-14 AM 1104x553


Purchased at Urban Outfitters for $4.99

To assist in my writing acorns of wisdom.

Be aware that building channels on Pandora takes, time patience,

and  focus and dillligence to get the right tunes.

Musical Acorn Tossed, …………….     dink dink  Dink

Acorn Thrower

25 Acorns Dropped




I have in the acorn netting approximate page estimate now of 25 raw nut (pages).

I can see their polished potential!

The topic areas that I worked on were what Druids eat and Guide to the Path of the Wise.

(a.k.a. How to be the best Druid you can be summation)

I also worked on how the universe sees fit to teach us through events.

Thus granting a Druid acorns of transformative learning.