Squirrelly Computer and Squirrelly Weather



Lets start with the first issue my Surface is acting up, or the internet.  I honestly do not know which one.  I did set the last post to auto publish as promised, but low it did not happen.  WeLL FRAK! BIG HONKIN’ SQUIRREL NUTS!




Last night the second issue rolled in on the wind… damn Cold weather with a serious pressure front.  Oh, and to add more fun to the mix it is RAinIng, Fucking UGGG..




Normally; I am a singing in the rain type of squirrel….. Rainy and cold is just NOT up my tree.. So concurred my sinuses, which are under the spell of the pressure front driving  the rain and cold weather through.

To sum up computer or internet giving me the Stink EyE or Mercury Retrograde (which if you did not know already electronics  may be cranky during these astrological events)  AND a pressure front with COLD rain damping my tail.  I need my tail dry and non compressed to focus.



Another Bit of Weather & POP Gets the Thanks… Personal updates and late posts

Squirrelecain named Erma

Thanks to Sponge bob Square pants for the image.


Another bit of Weather Irma is headed to Cuba, Florida, Puerto Rico. Please take a moment to send these folks our thoughts, prayers (if that is your thing) and well wishes.



Thanks Zen Folio for the great image!


Irma is presently Cat 5. It seems to have stabilized at the top most Hurricane category.

Hopefully we do not go into science fiction Category 6 or GODS forbid worse that are beyond our present scale.

There is some variability of Irma’s Path, so Houston and the Gulf Coast may be hunkering down and going up our trees to hold on again for the next big wind and rain. The wind is what concerns this squirrel, as the ground is already mush and a strong wind could easily take down the whole forest of Trees, which could fall.




Prince of Peace Roman Catholic Church started  receiving donations just as Harvey was heading out on Late Monday. Without a whisper from the Holy See this group of Parishioners and those who lived around the church stacked the walls of the church to the ceiling. Donations of relief supplies were coming in faster than they could be sorted.

Thank you squirrels that Pray together!



Footnote: Acorn Thrower skipped a week of posting due to her Squirrel-mate having a Salsa Dancing Heart (Arrhythmia), on the normal writing day. It took three days to get my mates Blood pressure under control and out of the trees in height.(systolic and diastolic) on Thursday my mate Patrick’s heart got back to the standard 4/4 rhythm.

There was much stress to me Acorn Thrower and doctor recommended staying at home to work which occurred.  Patrick was working from home for about two weeks when Harvey blew in and had  him further his time working from home, as much as one can during a hurricane. Patrick was so anxious to go into work he went in to the office the Friday prior to Labor Day.

Philosopher Squirrel # 7


Speak Only When Your Words Are More beautiful Than The Silence.

This is my opinion on the Nutters in the big white Tree in DC, as well as the rest of the country.
Due to things that killed a beautiful squirrel last week.  With full permission of my anonymous Jewish friends I am blogging her hard nut of Wisdom…
“Periodically, current events make me post something not whimsical and fun. This is long, and it’s not as eloquent as I’d like, but Nazis tend to get my dander up.
Some of the people who attended the Charlottesville rally — whether they marched with Tiki torches (looking like a horde of Todds from River Oaks upset that their party ran low on martinis), or marched with shields, sticks, batons, and/or firearms — have said they’re not racist. “Oh, I am not a white supremacist. I just agree with some of what they have to say.” Here’s the thing: If you like what white supremacists have to say (even in part), and you attend their rally where you know the speakers are white supremacists, speaking to other white supremacists about white supremacy, guess what? You are either a white supremacist, or you should seriously think about your belief system and who you choose to follow. Because if you yell like a Nazi, and goose step like a Nazi…well, you can fill in the rest.
If you are one of those people — the “I think the Nazis have a point here. Oh, but I’m not one of them” people — this is for you.
Let me tell you a little story: Once upon a time, when my parents were children, a group of “really fine people” in Germany wanted to kill them. Actually, those people wanted my whole family dead, along with other “undesirables,” simply because they had the audacity to exist. In the case of my grandmother — my namesake — and other relatives, they succeeded. Those “really fine people” were called Nazis. They started by staging rallies and appealing to disillusioned, easily persuaded people who might agree with a little of what they said. The Nazis said they stood for Germany and patriotism, and if those people did too, all they had to do was to get rid of the Jews…oh, and the gays, and the mentally challenged, and the Roma, and…well, everyone not considered “Aryan.” Those disillusioned people bought into it, because of course they loved their country. Also? They were not Jewish, or Roma, or mentally challenged, or gay or whatever. Then, POOF…Germany had Nazis in power. Nazis stood for white supremacy. They stood for the genocide of anyone not Aryan. They took their campaign of “racial purity” and invaded neighboring countries, imprisoning and killing non-Aryans as they advanced and occupied. These actions escalated into a war in which the entire world, our country included, eventually became involved. Your family lost people to a war fought against Nazis and their allies. When you get a chance, read soldiers’ accounts of what they saw when they liberated Nazi concentration camps. They were aghast. Look up some of the photos of people in those camps. This is what the “really fine people” involved in Charlottesville would love to see happen again. No, that statement is not rhetoric or hyperbole. Those people consider themselves Nazis. What do you think is at the core of what they want, silly moustaches? Looking at history, Charlottesville and other rallies and marches are just the beginning, and people like you, who like a little of what white supremacists have to say, are playing right into their hands with regard to making white supremacy appealing to the mainstream.
How would your older family members feel to hear you say, “I’m not a Nazi, but by golly I do like some of their points. I’m going to join them at this event.” Please excuse me as I imagine General Patton slapping you across the face. Because, yeah. That. Think about this: Our country joined the world in a fight against Nazis and fascists, and defeated them. Now, Nazis are marching in OUR streets, carrying Nazi flags, wearing swastika patches, and yelling about the eradication of Jews, blacks, gays, etc. Let me say this slowly so that it sinks in: Nazis. A defeated enemy of the United States. Are marching in American streets. Under the flag of our defeated foe. To spread Nazi propaganda to Americans. This is not OK. I say this, not simply because I vehemently disagree with their propaganda. I say this, because…come in closer, so you can hear me clearly…THEY’RE FREAKIN’ NAZIS! We’re Americans. We FIGHT Nazis. This isn’t rhetoric or hyperbole. It’s actual history. Look it up. Besides, if you really thought being a Nazi in the USA was OK, you would not be distancing yourself or rationalizing why you were at a white nationalist event.
Look, Bubba. If you want to throw a tantrum over statues, go for it. I literally could not care less about what you do (within the law) or what you say on the matter (for reasons that would deserve a separate conversation), as long as — and this is important — you don’t do it armed and/or at events hosted by Nazis, or the KKK, or any of the groups listed as a hate group by the SPLC. If you do? 1) Be my guest to STFU when people say you’re a racist, and 2) be prepared to see my happy ass there, standing against Nazis, like a real American.”
I completely agree with her. Thank you for your impassioned shot to the heart of those who need to hear this message of Love for those who stand firm against Hate .

Juicing My Nuts

(Don’t be a nutter, get your mind out of the gutter.)


Sunday I managed to finally assemble my Hurom Juicer.

Tomorrow juice the world!


On Monday is juicing carrots, beets, celery, oranges, and maybe a couple of sweet potatoes.










sweet potato juice1

I will have to soak my nuts before I can juice them, I look forward to trying making nut milk, specifically Pecan milk. I just looked up juicing pecans, apparently my juicer can handle juicing nuts!31



I had to wait until the last to juice my nuts as they have to soak.

A Right Good Nut.

Scheduled day to write absconded with like a hungry squirrel with an acorn.


I have joined the ranks of the Premier movie goers: this past Wednesday was the Houston premier of The Dark Tower.  Which I thoroughly enjoyed, as did my sister who is a long fan of the series and positively levitated her way through the screening. I acquired an additional set of tickets so that both her and her husband could attend with my husband and I. Amy nearly squoze my head from my shoulders in joyous gratitude. Squeee!!! Patrick, my husband made a brilliant observation, this is the first “kung fu” western of the year. The gunslinger was positively mesmerizing in his skill.



So what I was up to today … Finishing this artfully written trilogy.  I wrote a review. I highly encourage alling under the authors’ spell. I was entranced.

The Cecelia and Kate Novels by Patricia C. Wrede
The Cecelia and Kate Novels: Sorcery & Cecelia, The Grand Tour, and The Mislaid Magician 
by Patricia C. Wrede

3 novels:

Book one is in an unusual format. Sorcery & Cecelia. It was a bit slow to get into, what kept me going was the amount of vocabulary words I learned from this novel, as well as the pithy dialogue betwixt cousins. I further had to give the first work a through observation, as one of my new favorite authors has a hand at this piece of literary divinity.

Book two: The Grand Tour starts off where the first prose concluded. I eased into this peculiar work and was further ensorcelled by each of the bespoke familiars from the character inception. There was one page of description that seemed to have for an instant lost her voice; again the verbiage and turn of phrase was most delightful

Book three: The Mislaid Magician Again this book was slow to get out of the shoot, it nearly hit the rails… wait for the read of this to get the pun. Well worth staying on board for the journey. Written much after the last novel and especially after the foundation novel, I could feel the ladies laying on their bonnets to be conversant as they enliven their ink wells. Once The Mislaid Magician got on track it did pickup speed and came to a smashing end.




Renewing the Chitterversation

Chitter log written on  7/26/2017 to post morning 7/27/2017

First Flight

Acorn Thrower is committed to the great leap in her soul, the goal is to plant an acorn of wisdom once a week minimum. The Chitter Report will be planted Wednesday evening to begin growing forth on the Wilds of the Internet in the morning at 6AM. (The hour of the Divine Mother)

These acorns of wisdom may just be logging what happened to Acorn Thrower.

Possible upcoming topics: Painting, refinishing, Exploration of health recovery, shifting back to eating Vegetarian, taking a turn at running Shadowrun (Which is has been quiet challenging, as I am an honest person who really like to be helpful.) My journey to taking yoga classes. My interaction with the Raw masterclass group in Facebook and other goodies.