So, Friday July 8th;my husband and I were both having a particularly CRap Day. Which was initially made better by dinner and socialization out with my parents.

When one of those rare CRap Day;days happens that I get so beside myself I clean and organize. I sorted 2 boxes of the last 4 boxes from when we moved in 11 years ago. I found a treasure I thought I had lost. HAT PRIME or rather My favorite denim hat with a pocket on top. YES, HUGE SCORE!

I had always been told that an act of clearing brings the possibility of space for the possibility of revelation.

The revelation provided by the act of clearing those two nearly forgotten boxes was FOCUS.

When I asked the ONENESS what was I missing that can solve the challenge at hand and in my past. The one word I received was FOCUS.

More on Focus over the next few days and weeks.


With FOCUS in Mind I hereby state my FOCUSED intent to post Monday and Wednesday from this day July 11th (A really good day according to my grandpa…on the day of my waking to my walkabout in the world.)

Brightest FOCUS and Blessings, Acorn Thrower

Note: I found this post had not auto posted as per the Word Press auto post function. I have since found that posting twice a week is beyond my present abilities to work, and other important details. I will work to post twice a month Monday mornings. The Goal is to get up to weekly Monday mornings, once I can get Word Press to auto post as set up.



HELLO my Nutty Squirelly followers,

Acorn Thrower needs some help adding a donate link

for the Throwing Down Acorns Blog.

The post from 4/2/13 was late because Acorn Thrower

was headed out from the big tree  to a secret squirrel get away.

This was  for her 14th anniversary.

On the way out-of-town Acorn Thrower

got cut off … blind spot… my fault, everyone fine in Nut up/fender tag of


Acorn Thrower has Acorn Mobile back after much nut polishing(and a $500 deductible)

This was clearly an unplanned expense.

Please post on the blog to contact me for help or if you know me personally please call.

Chitter on my Squirrels, Chitter on,

Acorn Thrower



This is what is going to happen if we start being forced to eat unlabeled Genetically Modified foods.


We regret to inform you, but late last week Congress (COMPOSED OF A BUNCH OF NUTTERS) succeeded in passing Section 735, aka the Monsanto Protection Act, in the Continuing Resolution spending bill.

With the passage of the Monsanto Protection Act in Congress, biotech lobbyists are one step closer to making sure that their new GMO crops can evade any serious scientific or regulatory review.

This dangerous provision, the Monsanto Protection Act, strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested genetically engineered crops, endangering farmers, consumers and the environment.

Read more here:





And here:

Jabba the Squirrel

Yeah, we are going to be seriously fat squirrels wondering what the NUT happened?

Here is what  happened the “small provision

two headed squirrel

And the genetically modified foods will begin the

process of altering our DNA.  Meaning we are more likely

to be ill die more quickly, get cancers and other bad


Be an Empowered Leaders of Squirrels; Chitter on and go change the CongressionalNUTTER’S MINDS!

Acorn Thrower

Visualize the Acorn – SQUIRREL Flash Mob Meditation




Spring is here, and we are excited to get outside and start spreading those positive vibrations! We’ve all been crushing away in our work caves all winter and the time to bloom is here!

I don’t know if you all have been noticing, but the world is waking up! Everyday people are opening up there minds and expanding themselves with yoga, mediation, and other forms of healing arts.

So, as the rockstar leaders we all are, we will be the light house for those people who are beginning on their path and don’t know exactly know where to go or how to start. Please spread the word!

On Monday, April 1st we will be hosting our First Meditation Flash Mob.  Location 6201-A Hermann Park Drive, Houston, Texas 77030. We will arrive at the Lake Plaza (near the paddle boats and the zoo) at Hermann Park at 5:30pm and begin to mediate for a half hour at 6pm sharp. **Inspired by Wave Movement, who will be hosting a meditation flash mob in New York City.**

I am excited to see all of you bright souls and bask in that high vibe collaborative frequency.

See ya there!
Love Pema Sony-la

Pema Sony is an an dear friend of Acorn Thrower

Can’t make it to Houston, create a Flash Mob in your city or simply meditate for 30 minutes wherever you may find yourself at 6pm on April 1st.


Acorn Thrower

Why Throw Nuts at a Man Living in The Wild?


Eustace Conway

Please visit and ‘like’ the Turtle Island Preserve page and watch this video to learn more:

Turtle Island Preserve is a place you can go to learn about nature, wildlife, growing food, and primitive life skills. Eustace Conway is known as the Last American Man (book:, and for good reason. He’s a national treasure. Government bureaucrats have decided to come after him because his primitive shelters — wait for it — don’t adhere to modern building codes.

If you would like to help Eustace Conway defend his property rights, please join this Facebook group:

You can make phone calls to express your support for Eustace Conway. Here’s a list of Watauga County Commissioners phone numbers. Let’s call them and let them know we stand behind Eustace Conway against government aggression. Please be cordial 🙂

David Blust
(H) 828-963-6440

John Welch
(H) 828-262-3768

Billy Kennedy
(H) 828-297-4123

Oh and here is Andrew Blethen, Appalachian District Health Department Director’s home number 🙂

(H) 828-264-6635
231 Holly Hill Dr
Sparta, NC 28675
(336) 372-4556
Cell 336-200-0111 — with Eustace Conway

 I could use a squirrelly Rant for this great man!
Be a Squirrel Crusader for Humanity!
Please Throw Your Nut of Support by calling any
and all of the above people in charge!
Tell the politicians to nut off,
Acorn Thrower