For The Love of Fruit …. and Compassion


So my friend Kristina who loves figs spent last week continuing to eat raw during a hurricane that flooded our region and our city.


Kristina volunteered during about five days (this is a guestimate on my part) during the Hurricane flood Harvey.  She somehow managed to exercise (running 6-10 miles) a day and then and rescued people in her really tall truck.


This will have to do as I could not find pictures of her truck of awesome!

I just want to take a moment to give high props for keeping focus on your clients that signed up for your 21 day challenge, while vlogging about Harvy; I also suspect that you kept up with posting your Instagram stories…, and fundraising for the local farmers that previously supplied your co-op, as well as other locals in need deeply affected by Floodicaine Harvey.

Align-Your-Life-Go-FullyRaw (1)

Inspiration to millions world-wide.


A business woman.

I honor the business woman and the volunteer Goddess in you for all the love that you give and light that you share.   You have amazing focus to keep your work and lifestyle on track through these trying times.  Thank you!

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Kristina’s old not for profit co-op.

maxresdefault (2)

Bringing the world personal ground level coverage of the Flood of Harvey.


Volunteering at the largest local shelter and calling out for more volunteers.

Kristina even took a turn as a person who assisted people who need aid when using the toilet.  She is a bright light in our world.  She is humble.

All the while Kristina is eating raw.





Kristina also took the time to put together a Go Fund Me page to raise money for her friends who are the farmers and former suppliers of her Rawfully Organic Co-op who’s crops and lively hood were wiped out by the flooding.

Please donate, the goal for the fundraiser needs to be met.



Kristina took time to acknowledge other rescue  people and volunteers.

(This image most likely not from Harvey; however it is from another time she also acknowledged volunteers.)

military squirrel


maxresdefault (3)

Kristina, took it upon herself to do some more local ground reporting shortly after the water’s began to recede. The image was particularly poignant for me as a local; the overpass she is standing on normally has air flowing about 20 ” underneath. Not all bridges were verified safe to cross, this includes overpasses.


I still have no idea how she managed to stay raw during this trial of the soul, mostly due to lack of fresh resources.








Next, while still in the middle of the 21 day challenge she decided to up the anti by requesting people grab a partner and get them to go fully raw with you, preferably a family member.  (This image is from Kristina’s first Fully Raw Challenge with her mother. You will notice Kristina’s backyard is flood free.)

Those are the most fresh and up to date acorns I have on my friend Kristina.

About Thursday, after Harvey was on it’s way out Acorn Thrower saw butterflies, hummingbirds, blue Jays, dragonflies, squirrels, and a rabbit. So nature managed to handily survive the flood.



A Squirrel Gets Caught in the Rain.


What a rain storm by the name of Harvey did to my home forest:

Harvey is being called the 1000 year storm.  Harvey hit at a Category 4 Hurricane. This size of the area the flooding in Texas. Rainfall varied by location from 51″ down to as little as just over 19″ on the edge North side of the metroplex, thus the difference in flooding in areas around the metropolis. College Station was affected by flooding and it is up in the hill country, so Houston as generally flat as is did not have much hope of ease on the whole. Galveston received 22.84″ in total as of 8/24.


We Squirrels in Houston shelters all around the city are still welcoming volunteers to assist with shelters and recovery efforts. I suspect we will need volunteer squirrels for at least into late September, so please keep the prayers coming, as well as the donations of acorns. I want to thank the Cajun Navy for coming to our rescue, as well as all those people who generously donated boats, sea-dos, and very tall trucks.

Cost of damage estimated between 20 to 190 BILLION dollars. That is a whole forest worth of acorns and then some! This is just Houston and does not include the surrounding communities. I just heard through my mom that Walmart is matching funds dollar for dollar for all Harvey recovery donation, which go to the red cross.

Fortunately our city was built to take heavy rain and drain quickly. We should be drained by mid next week with some controlled levy releases over the following week as the rivers and bayous subside. I heard

Not all of my squirrely family made it out: 28 deaths in Harris County (Houston) and 36 total today in the area affected by Harvey, so far as of 8/31/17. Please light an acorn candle for these people’s families. 9/2/17 The waters are receding, the death toll is rising locally and further out. I have not heard numbers yet. I will blog as I have the numbers.



Please Please Donate here:

Kristina is an amazing soul, a force for good, compassion, and Love. Compassion is why she started her co-op and why she does everything that she has ever done.

9/2/17 Houston, I have heard, has plenty of donations and volunteers. The smaller communities surrounding Houston who do not have national media coverage need Supplies, donations, and volunteers.


Mosques around Houston are sheltering those devastated by Harvey. I just want to give special that are helping people of all faiths in their local communities. Brand Lane Islamic Center in Stafford, Texas, Champions Islamic Center.


“On the eve of the Eid al-Adha festival, one of Islam’s holiest days, it’s become the temporary home for 15 of the thousands of Harvey evacuees, Muslim and non-Muslim. And though it will host hundreds of people during the Friday morning prayer for the so-called festival of sacrifice, the mosque’s leaders have been adamant: No matter how many people attend the prayers, the evacuees aren’t going anywhere.” USA Today

“M.J. Khan, president of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, told Mic on Tuesday that helping others in need was “a religious obligation.””

Here is an update posted about Harvey moments ago from the Houston Chronicle our local Newspaper:

Yesterday my tree received my first USPO mail and my first Amazon delivery.


Today my tree received mail and my second Amazon delivery held up by Harvey.

Today was the first trash pick up since last Wednesday, when pick up is normally Wednesday and Saturday. So life is returning to normal in my area, Yes our tree where we nest is at the top of the hill. Ironically the last USPO mail I received on Saturday was from Noah the Seer.

My mom’s neighborhood is receiving mail, but they seem to have a substitute mail person, as they put mail in the



So, Friday July 8th;my husband and I were both having a particularly CRap Day. Which was initially made better by dinner and socialization out with my parents.

When one of those rare CRap Day;days happens that I get so beside myself I clean and organize. I sorted 2 boxes of the last 4 boxes from when we moved in 11 years ago. I found a treasure I thought I had lost. HAT PRIME or rather My favorite denim hat with a pocket on top. YES, HUGE SCORE!

I had always been told that an act of clearing brings the possibility of space for the possibility of revelation.

The revelation provided by the act of clearing those two nearly forgotten boxes was FOCUS.

When I asked the ONENESS what was I missing that can solve the challenge at hand and in my past. The one word I received was FOCUS.

More on Focus over the next few days and weeks.


With FOCUS in Mind I hereby state my FOCUSED intent to post Monday and Wednesday from this day July 11th (A really good day according to my grandpa…on the day of my waking to my walkabout in the world.)

Brightest FOCUS and Blessings, Acorn Thrower

Note: I found this post had not auto posted as per the Word Press auto post function. I have since found that posting twice a week is beyond my present abilities to work, and other important details. I will work to post twice a month Monday mornings. The Goal is to get up to weekly Monday mornings, once I can get Word Press to auto post as set up.

Annnd the First Golden Acorn goes to Mary of Intuit! Part 1 of 2

Intuit, the best company. They have the best customer service gentlewomen. Mary and Penny turned an a serious rough patch in my day into glorious succccessss, Succcccesss, SUCCCCESSSS, haaapppinesss, and serious awesome. Yesterday, (for date reference 9/17/2013) about 3 pm I went to process a payment for coaching from my favorite client. When I signed into Intuit to process Michelle’s payment I got a message that requested me to register my account number. I did that and then it wanted my credit card processing information off of a terminal I do not have in my possession; nor, do I want a credit card processing terminal at this point.
I realized that oh, yeah this is about the application I put in back in April to add an online button to my website. I have had computer issues and missing email since April.
Random segway. SUGAR! and cafffine. I just polished off a hot chai tea soy latte from my local Star supplier where I write The Singing Tree and Throwing Down Acorns blog. The affect on me is that I am suuuuper Squirrrrely. So, for the past two weeks I have been living the clean life, the mostly raw and super light pescetarien, as I am working toward my end goal of living and thriving as a raw vegan. By the way thanks Christina for creating a video explaining cravings and what they mean to vegan eating and what I need to continue to thrive and be successful as a raw food aficionado.
Intuit had apparently sent numerous emails to contact me, so that I could provide bank information on the income of my business. Ah, I see the problem of not being able to set up internet payment inaction was on my side due to technology glitches in my computer. Obviously the payment button was not critical or I would have run down the issue like rabid famished squirrel after a ginormous acorn. Oh well, revelation complete. After a few seconds of mental observation and deductive review of the situation at hand.
Now onto the solution. The objectives on my call I had were first and foremost, complete my payment transaction, confirm that the request for information that was blocking my completing my transaction, and see about finally straightening out the internet payment request.
Segway again…. withdrawal from the first non natural sugar I have had I weeks. God, I need fruit sugars to ease this crushing dizzy headed brain sensation of fuggynezs that is a squeeze hat upon my head.
I have an Intuit Outlook contact log, so I go and open Outlook and find some Inuity contact goodness, who at the time I was having more of a

RasinFrakintyDurnInuit feeling toward, as I the process of attempting to get to the transaction page; I logged out of Intuit, closed tabs, open tabs, cleared cookies, cleared history, ran Spybot, immunized my computer, closed Chrome, opened Chrome and at many points logged into Intuit after logging out. Then after doing everything short of rebooting the computer, I called Intuit.
I had to deal with the auto solution correcting system, which had actually changed since the last time I called into Intuit. WHO KNEW the options actually change??? I was beginning to seriously think those please listen to all our options recorded messages, about our options have recently changed were there to get the impatient people to listen to All of the extensive laundry list of multi-tiered option. That observation is still, most likely a true statement of fact.
So, my preferred payment company is growing. Bully for them. MAYBE I should invest in their stock. I will have to investigate if they are a publicly held company. They sure do not act like it their customer service ladies are just to awesome at their jobs to be part of a public company!
After navigating the phone treee maze. I arrived in the telephonic presence of Mary. NOW let me tell you here and now I was in a rightsnittyfoulfumming mood when Mary came on the line. I was on my best behavior and explained how I need assistance. I further explained to Mary, that I believed that the message related back to an application for taking online payments and that I had abandoned all hope of seeing said resulting ability to take internet payment, though I would sure appreciate her looking into what happened to my request, apparently I come to find out back in April. Wow, a lifetime ago in 2013 time compression months! This has been the most jam packed PantsOnFireBusyas¡year that I have ever experienced. More relatives visiting again and again and again, more new people, more illness, and sadly a death of a family friend Charlotte Burgess.
I found my soul sister Jonnie Green. Where were you all my life woman? Oh yeah you had to ripen to the awesome you are now. Mwah perfecto!¡ More on her in another blog back to Mary and Penny women of awesome Intuit customer service.

Mary had me use Firefox and tried to get me to use the evil Internet Explorer to attempt to get me logged in to the payment site for Intuit. We closed tabs, re-cleared cookies, rebooted the computer. After her hanging with me through me mentally and mumblemuttering displeasure at not being to log in to the Intuit payment center. Mary finally managed to assist me in circumventing the login issue to get me into the area of Intuit where I could make payment. About two hours later I was IN! After all of that tough time consuming work I was ready to let Mary the Intuit techie goddess go on to her next wayward soul. INSTEAD Mary insisted she wait while I processed my payment.

2331Two heads are better than one! Then she transferred to Penny. Mary payed attention at the beginning of our conversation about how I thought that the weird issues and messages related to my request back in April to add online payments and how that never went through and that I had given up on ever seeing results from the request for that particular service from Intuit. Mary was not about to leave any issue that I had unresolved. I love you Mary!
You are one awesomeBadAs¡techieproblemuttkickingLadyofDivinepatience. Soooo, I HIGHLY endorse and recommend for all of your small business needs roaming about out in the world or online. Do not give PayPal another cent!
Contd. In the next squirrely post