About -The Squirrels: Why Throw Down Acorns?

I began the Throwing Down Acorns blog in order to support and encourage myself around the book that I am writing The Singing Tree about the basics of becoming a druid.

Since then I have started the chitter feed to support my blog.

Squirrel 3 for blog.jpg

As I am passionate  about a host of topics I found myself writing on the topics.

This is how I feel inside when I am inspired.

I am passionate about

Dance of the Sun 3-5-2013 10-29-13 PM 640x427

  • Healing and Coaching toward Creating Solutions
  • Equal rights
    • LGBT…
    • Mainstreaming previously considered alternative lovestyles
    • Acknowledging gender  has a range rather than a duality.
  • Women’s Rights – Feminism
    • Reproductive rights
    • Shame free assistance
    • Sacred sexuality
    • Sex education
    • Safe Sex
    • Safety of children
  • Religious tolerance
    • Religious education around tolerance for the people in the Pagan community
    • Safety for the Pagan Community
    • Religious education around tolerance for the people in the Muslim community
    • Safety of American Muslims
    • Clarity around people’s faiths that are not my own nor the majority of the populous.
  • Constitutional Rights
    • The FDA
    • The EPA
    • The Pharmaceutical Lobby
    • The Monsanto Lobby
    • The Tea Party Lobby
    • The Conservative Christian Lobby (not to be confused with good souls whom follow the red letter of Jesus’s teaching)
  • Education alternatives
    • Home schooling
    • Private and charter schools
    • Quality education
    • Teaching to the Test
    • Education for girls abroad
  • Raw Foods and Working on eating completely raw.
    • Food safety
    • Organics
    • GMO
    • RAW MILK Products
    • Cow Shares
    • Pasturization
    • Food Misinformation
    • Expiration Dates
    • Best Used By Dates
    • Right to know
    • Kosher
    • Environmental concerns on the sourcing of food
    • Human food resourcing even if I am no longer eating meat
    • Protecting the environment

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